ASC Regions 6 & 7 2021 Student Competition and
Construction Management Conference

February 3-6, 2021
Nugget Casino Resort
Sparks, Nevada

Competition Rules

** Coming in August **
Download a copy of the 2021 rules:
The following rules and procedures will be in effect for the 2020 competition. It is very important that they are read thoroughly, understood completely, and followed exactly to avoid any appearance of impropriety and the possibility of team disqualification..
Table of Contents
1.0 School Eligibility
2.0 Team Size, Makeup and Eligibility
3.0 Spirit of Fair Competition and Professional Conduct
4.0 Conflict of Interest
5.0 Competition Problem Statements and Conditions
6.0 Equipment and Room Setup
7.0 Registration and Time-line
8.0 Disqualification / Firearm/Weapons
9.0 Problem Sponsor Feedback
1.0 School Eligibility: <T.O.C.>

Schools wishing to enter a student team must be a member in good standing of ASC; the membership due must be paid by the competition date. Entries into the regional competitions will be accepted from undergraduate programs at colleges and universities located within that region. The Integrated Project, Mechanical, Virtual Design & Construction, Sustainable Building, Preconstruction Services, Project Management, Electrical, and Concrete Solutions problems will accept entries from any college or university within any ASC region. The Alternates Competition is open to all students designated as an Alternate on a registered team. All current ASC Region member schools may enter a team, or teams subject to specific guidelines discussed in section 2.0, without charge. Non-member schools must join the ASC in order to register to compete.

To Join the ASC:

2.0 Team Size, Makeup and Eligibility: <T.O.C.>

Each ASC Region 6 and Region 7member school may enter a team comprised of up to six currently enrolled undergraduate student members, maximum, per competition problem.

Open Competition in Mechanical, Virtual Design & Construction, Sustainable Development, Preconstruction, Project Management, Electrical, and Concrete Solutions:
Each member school from all ASC regions may enter a team comprised of up to six currently enrolled undergraduate student members, maximum, per competition problem (subject to the limits discussed below.) 

Open Competition in Integrated Project:
Each member school from all ASC regions may enter a team comprised of up to six currently enrolled graduate, six currently enrolled undergraduate students or a combination of the two groups, 6 maximum (subject to the limits discussed below.)

No additional person(s) may perform as a helper, runner, or assistant for any team for either the regional or open competitions. Teams will be disqualified if any team has more than 6 members participating in the process of creating a competition solution in any way. This includes food and supply runs! The use of cell phones to contact outside persons is not permitted except in an emergency or as deemed appropriate by the problem sponsor. It is imperative that all team members, coaches, students, and industry behave ethically throughout the entire competition.

Intent to Compete Registration begins on October 7, 2019 @ Noon PT and is on a First Come First Served basis. Open Problem categories will be limited to twelve teams, maximum, so please register your intent to compete early. Universities that register a team and dropout after December 13, 2019 will not be allowed to compete in that Problem category the following year. Open Team registration above 12 teams will be at the problem sponsor's discretion.

October 21, 2019 all schools may register additional teams in all categories up to a maximum number of 12 teams per category. In the event a school registers late in a regional competition, the last school to register an additional team may be asked to remove that team from competing.

Alternate Team Members not participating as a team member should participate in the "Alternates Competition".

Team Makeup - All Teams
In the event that an original team member becomes ill or must drop out of the competition for any reason; the team composition may be changed by simply registering a new eligible team member. If, a substitution or change to the team must be made after registration closes the problem sponsor judges and the ASC Competition Manager/Regional Director must be notified in writing by the authorized team coach. The notice must include; the school name, team name, competition problem category, name of individual being removed, name of individual being substituted, date and time. All schools may register up to two (2) alternates per team as identified in the team registration form.

Once the competition problem has officially begun, no substitutions or changes may be made.

For a student to be eligible to compete, that student must be enrolled in classes at that school for the term in which the student competition takes place.

For a team to be eligible, it must be properly registered for the ASC competition and the school must be in good standing with ASC national; Section 1.0. In addition, the faculty coach and all team members must register as guests at the Nugget Hotel, and must utilize these rooms during the competition.

All teams must be housed in the RESORT TOWER of the Nugget, a maximum on 4 students per room, and all coaches must be housed in the CASINO TOWER (subject to space availability determined by the Nugget). Coaches are not allowed to enter the West Tower or any location where teams are competing once the competition has begun unless otherwise directed by the competition manager to accommodate room availability.

3.0 Spirit of Fair Competition and Professional Conduct: <T.O.C.>

The competition is deemed to be that period of time beginning with the problem sponsor’s issuance of its problem packet (at the competition, not for pre-problem statements given prior to the competition), and will continue until after that team has presented its problem solution. Team coaches should limit discussion with their teams/any team from their school prior to the team presentation to “good luck” or similar encouragement! Once the competition begins, only properly registered team members may participate in the solution of the problem. Alternates are not part of the team and may not run errands for the team (food or supplies). Team members must make every effort to avoid any source of “outside” information. No input from outside the team (e.g. Internet, phone calls, satellite hook-ups, team coaches, other teams, etc.). Internet access is allowed if it is officially stated as acceptable in the problem category pre-problem statement.

No one may videotape, photograph, or capture in any other manner a team or team activity other than those teams from their school subject to the limitations outlined in this document (see section 5.0, oral presentations).

Each ASC competition team shall designate a faculty coach who will accompany the team to the competition. Once the competition begins, the coach's role is limited to ensuring the competition rules are/ have been followed and life-safety issues. The team should have no further contact with the team coach, or any others, until after the team has presented its problem solution.

During the competition, no one shall be allowed to be in any team work room or have any contact with the team except the problem sponsor. An emergency is the only exception where the faculty coach or other appropriate personnel may enter the room.

4.0 Conflict of Interest: <T.O.C.>

Team members that have any specific prior knowledge of a sponsor’s competition problem (worked for the company, building on campus, friends that work for the company or on the project) must bring this to the attention of the Competition Manager and the problem sponsor in writing at the earliest opportunity. Refer to the problem categories pre-problem statement for additional information.

5.0 Competition Problem Statements and Conditions: <T.O.C.>

Each team will be presented with problem statement materials generated by the team sponsor. These materials represent the entire problem statement and scope of work. Questions, if any, may only be directed to the problem sponsor judges. It shall be the discretion of the judges whether a response is given to any question.

Each team must strictly adhere to the specific time frames, deadlines, schedules, locations or conditions set forth in the problem. Failure to follow any of these may be cause for rejection, reduction in points or even disqualification from the competition.

Oral Presentations
Regional Competition
No school’s team member, team coach, other faculty members/staff/industry affiliates, registered students, or videographers (unless hired by the competition manager) may enter the problem presentation room or view a presentation in a problem category in their Region until it is their team’s designated time to present within that problem category. Violation of this rule shall be cause for immediate disqualification from the competition.

Open Competition
No school’s team member, team coach, other faculty members/staff/industry affiliates, registered students, or videographers (unless hired by the competition manager) may enter the problem presentation room or view a presentation in a problem category that their school is competing in until it is their team’s designated time to present within that problem category. Violation of this rule shall be cause for immediate disqualification from the competition.

6.0 Equipment, Team Accommodations and Hotel Room Rules: <T.O.C.>

EQUIPMENT: A maximum of one computer per team member, (including laptops), three printers, one plotter and one scanner per team is allowed; unless additional requirements are required by the problem sponsor. All-in-one printers are acceptable. The team print center can do color laser prints up to 11 x 17, WIFI enabled printing, copiers up to 11 x 17, ADF Fujitsu Scanners, desktops with Windows 10, Office 365, Adobe Acrobat 11, Project 2016, Bluebeam (qty 8).

TEAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS: One LCD projector and a laptop computer will be supplied by the problem sponsor in each problem presentation room. Any additional equipment required for a presentation is the responsibility of the team. If your presentation requires specific software, you must provide your own computer. Limited time (determined by the problem sponsor) to interface to the projector will be allowed (prior arrangements with the problem sponsor are encouraged).

ASC Region 6&7 will provide a Team Print Center for student use in preparing problem solutions. Each team should allow ample time to make any required printouts or copies. Delays or other problems caused by the Team Print Center personnel or other hardware problems will not be considered by the judges as an acceptable excuse. At this time only photocopies made from an original print are available.

For the 2020 Competition, please note these new room procedures:
All rooms shall be reserved by contacting Amanda Flangas, Executive VP of Sales by email:; Contact Amanda as soon as possible to request your block. You may call with any questions (775.356.3348), but your room requests must be made in writing via email.

The following information must be provided when sending in your room request:

  • School Name
  • School contact name including address and phone number
  • Dates of Arrival and Departure
  • Number of Student/team rooms (max 4 per team)
  • Number of Faculty rooms
  • Method of Payment: School credit card or School check?  All rooms must be prepaid – no purchase orders will be accepted without full payment on or before the day of arrival (no exceptions)
  • Complete rooming lists must be submitted no later than December 1st or unfilled blocks will be released on that date. Name changes will be allowed after that date.

Hotel Room Rules:
Each Team shall be allotted a maximum of (4) four guest rooms per registered team. Teams will create work rooms among the four rooms allotted. Students may choose to sleep in the work rooms or not. When sending in rooming lists, please indicate which room will be the designated work room for that team. The hotel will deliver two tables and four chairs to the designated work rooms on Wednesday, February 5th. Beds will not be removed from these work rooms. Work rooms will be spread throughout the Resort Tower, not concentrated to the bottom floors as was the procedure last year. Hotel will make every effort to block the team’s sleeping rooms close to each designated work room. Suites may not be reserved as separate work rooms this year.

Furniture removal and disassembly shall not be permitted. Any rooms found to be disassembled shall warrant a $1000.00 penalty per room assessed to the School.

Each team may reserve (1) room per (2) registered Alternates, accommodations will be made for any gender conflicts on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty room reservations shall be restricted to the schools currently employed and registered faculty members.

7.0 Registration and Time-line: <T.O.C.>
Oct. 7, 2019 Team Registration (Intent to Compete)
Schools may register their intention to enter a team.
Team roster (member names) must be posted prior to Dec. 15, 2017.
Oct. 7, 2019 Pre-Problem Statement Due
Problem Sponsors to have submitted pre-problem statements by this date. See Problem Previews
Oct. 21, 2019

Additional Team Registration Begins
Schools may register additional teams in the same category on a space available basis.

Dec. 13, 2019 Team Registration Ends
No team may register after this date.
Dec. 13, 2019 Deadline for Team Member’s Names
Names of all team members and team coaches must be registered.
Teams that do not provide team members and faculty coach names by this date will be removed.
Feb. 5, 2020 Check-in

Students, coaches and other competition attendees may begin checking in and picking up team packets at the competition registration area on the 2nd Floor Convention Center at the Grand Ballroom Foyer from 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Late substitutions of team members can be made at that time. A special event name badge will be provided to all who register. This should always be worn. It will be required for admission to the welcome dinner, job fair, awards ceremony, and other sponsored events.

The Nugget Casino and Resort has asked that student teams utilize the Freight Dock area for unloading and loading equipment. The freight dock is located on the west side of the Resort Tower, just to the South of Interstate 80.

8.0 Disqualification <T.O.C.>

The violation of any of these rules may result in a team’s immediate disqualification as determined by the competition manager and the Region 6 and Region 7 directors.

The Nugget is a gun/weapon free hotel and any firearm/weapon, permitted, non-permitted, or conceal carry, must be declared at registration and stored by the Nugget in its secure storage area until checkout.  Violation of this may result in the disqualification of all teams from the school the violator is associated with.

9.0 Problem Sponsor Feedback <T.O.C.>

The problem sponsor will provide each team with feedback based on the team’s performance. The feedback will be designed to help the team understand what was good and what areas could use improvement.  Problem sponsors are under no obligation to provide team rankings other than the top 3 teams, final scores to teams or other detailed information unless they choose to do so.  The competition is for student educational development and the individual feedback meets that goal.

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